10 Tips to Make Your Boat or Yacht Sell Faster


You’re filled with both anticipation and dread at the moment of selling your beloved boat. You’ve spent many fun years with it. Now, you must part ways with it. 

Whether you’re looking to sell your boat or yacht to buy a bigger one or your lifestyle changes to no longer accommodate a boat, the boat or yacht selling process can be a pain. 

To speed up the selling process and help ensure that you get your asking price, here are 10 boat and yacht selling tips: 

  1. Get the Exterior in Pristine Condition. You want your boat looking its best if you want to get the best price for it — and a potential buyer’s first impression is all about the exterior. Get out the polish, wax and paint and touch up any trouble spots like those that are chipping, faded, or scratched. Get rid of any “fogged” windows or clear plastic surfaces and clean up any rust stains. 
  2. The Inside Still Counts. A clean cabin and interior are just as important as a snazzy exterior. Sweep, dust and organize the interior space. There is boat furniture polish available to give it a pristine shine. If there is a musty odor, strategically place air fresheners in conspicuous spots. 
  3. Declutter. Like selling a house, you want prospective boat buyers to easily envision the boat as their own, furnished in their style. The décor that you think makes the space look homey may easily drive prospective buyers away. You also want to remove your personal items from storage areas and from the cabin to enhance and maximize the size of the space. The only items that should remain in the boat are the essential and required safety equipment and items you’re including with the boat. 
  4. Decide on a Price. Do your research on what boats and yachts like yours are selling for. When deciding on your asking price, take into consideration the age and condition of the boat, and the amount you’ll spend on repairs, necessary maintenance, storage and advertising. Also, take into consideration the time you spend showing the boat. Set a price that is realistic and don’t waver from it. 
  5. Strategically Advertise. The more ads you get out there about your boat or yacht, the more eyes it will be seen by. The more exposure your ads get, the better likelihood you’ll get serious buyers. Put ads in both local generic classifieds as well as in boat specific classifieds and publications. Many boating classifieds sites do both print and online advertising. Buyboatz.com, for example provides a variety of online advertisements including the option of video ads, which have been shown to speed up sales. 
  6. Rev the Engine. Even a new, powerful engine can momentarily sputter or delay upon start-up. Turning on the engine before the prospective buyer arrives will impress the buyer and give them a better idea of how the engine runs. 
  7. Provide a Test Drive. Meet prospective buyers by the water and allow them to take the boat out for a test run. This will give the prospective buyer an idea of how the boat runs and handles. Do this with caution. There are some people who pretend to be interested buyers, but only want to test drive a boat. Sometimes prospective buyers may also show up with others, usually friends or family members. Limit the number of people prospective buyers take on the boat with them. Boats handle best when they aren’t loaded down with extra passengers or unnecessary belongings. 
  8. Provide Documentation. Provide prospective buyers with a sense of an easy, quick sale by having a binder with the boat’s title, registration, licensing and repair history. Buyers will be impressed and it will shorten the timeline of the sale.
  9. Don’t Disclose the Price Over the Phone. When selling your boat or yacht, you want serious prospective buyers. Many non-serious buyers will simply call, without even bothering to come out and look at the boat themselves. Sometimes friends of non-serious buyers will call for details such as the asking price pretending to be prospective buyers. Discuss the price in person after the prospect has looked over the boat. Don’t allow the prospective buyer to lower the price. 
  10. Cash is King. Before handing over the “keys” to your boat, make sure that you can readily spend the buyer’s money. Ask for cash if possible or a cashier’s check. Avoid accepting “bank checks” as these only certify that the buyer has enough money in their account to afford the boat. They can also be easily cancelled. 

At Buyboatz.com, we understand that selling your boat can be hard. You want to sell your boat or yacht quickly and get the price you’re asking for. 

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