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Boating Fails

5 Boating Fails

As summer 2k17 winds up, everyone is going to be taking to the water to have a little fun, make a little love, drink a little bit, or whatever it is that floats your boat.  I myself am guilty of getting a little sauced up while out on the water.  I mean come on, they go […]

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Water Sports

Summer Gear

Summer time is right around the corner and everyone is gearing up for a great boating season! You are probably making sure all your boat maintenance is up to date and just waiting on that perfect day to adventure out onto the water.  Finally, you check the weather and the day is just right to […]

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Choosing the Right Marina

Choosing the Right Marina Article by: Tom Kehoe Picking the right marina is similar to picking the right boat, in a sense, that there are multiple factors that go into the process and can be a headache. The proper marina will ensure the safety of your boat, and will become its resting place. Some of the […]

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Sleigh Ride To Hawaii

The Transpacific Yacht Race  The Transpacific Yacht Race known by many yachters as the Transpac Race, dates all the way back to 1906. The race, for anyone brave enough to attempt it, puts you through a treacherous 2,225 nautical miles. The race historically was supposed to start out of San Francisco in 1906, however that […]

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Learning To Sail?

Are you beginning your sailing career? You’ve come to the right place to study up on some of the basics. First off, we will start with some common boating lingo: There are no “ropes” on a sail boat!  They are called lines! Sails are called sheets. The main sheet is in the middle of the boat. […]

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