5 Boating Fails

Boating Fails

As summer 2k17 winds up, everyone is going to be taking to the water to have a little fun, make a little love, drink a little bit, or whatever it is that floats your boat.  I myself am guilty of getting a little sauced up while out on the water.  I mean come on, they go down like 10x better and 5x faster than on dry land.

 Also, If you didn’t know, having a few alcoholic treats can calm the inner ear and help individuals who suffer from seasickness, so there’s another excuse to indulge.

NOW, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to go out and get drunk and then operate a boat, but one beer never hurt anyone.  

Some of these boating fails many of you have witnessed in person, and some of you are the victims of these failures.  Don’t worry, no one is judging you, at least I’m not! After seeing these fails in my own life, and having been the victim of one of them (not telling which one), I decided to comprise a list to depict the 5 most common fails of the average, good-looking, intelligent, charming, amazing, friendly boater (I include myself in this category of course).


So after careful consideration, here’s the list to help you avoid being “that guy or gal”!








Some of these are comical, but you’d be surprised how often these fails happen.  Most are cringeworthy, especially seeing boats collide when there is a whole open ocean out there! Just today I was walking down the gangway and helplessly watched as a boat slammed into their slip because they didn’t account for the strong wind. OUCH!

I can just hear it now, some of ye old sailors saying: “hold my beer and watch this!”


Always remember: You don’t want to be that “guy” or “gal” 


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